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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Target Targets Roberto Cavalli

It is once again that time of year for Target to make high end fashion accessible to the common masses, and what better way to kick off this season's Designer's For Target collaboration than with the dazzling stylings of the infamous Roberto Cavalli!  His trademark prints will soon be gracing the bodies of fashionistas everywhere, and with last year's Missoni's line making record (and website) breaking sales, Cavalli's line is sure to be a huge success!  

There is, however, only one thing I find alarmingly wrong Cavalli's future line:  It will only be available in Australia!  I am hoping/praying/lighting candles that Target will come to their senses and make the line available in the U.S.  With the gi-normous popularity of the Missoni collection, how could they not?  If you happen to live in Australia, clear your schedule for October 31st and head to a Target near you.  If you happen to fall into the "geographically challenged" category (like myself), cop a squat behind the nearest computer and do the following: Type as fast as the wind blows and be prepared to pay a hefty sum in shipping, but fear not, my fierce fashionistas--it will most certainly be worth it.  Until then...

Stay Fashionably Fabulous!


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