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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What I’m Wearing



A Glimpse of Spring…

Spring is here, my fierce fashion followers…or is it?  During my stay in the UK, I’ve come to the conclusion that UK weather is a big tease.  It gives me a taste of the good life, dangling the sun’s rays and blue skies around me—DARING me to get comfortable.  And just when my wall of doubt begins to crack, and I start pulling my sundresses out of their storage bins…*SNATCH.*  The rain taketh away.  Although it is not yet time for sundresses and sandals, it is technically still spring and I am determined to display this in some way, shape, or form.  My outfit may scream winter, but my makeup and accessories cry “SPRING!”


010 copy

 017 copy

 006 copy

 018 copy

Picture 24 copy


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Friday, 25 March 2011

A “Write” to Know More About Me


Welcome to the weekend, my fierce fashion followers!  Fash-uh-nee-stah was kind enough to tag me for a handwriting post!  What is unique about this tag is that instead of typing out the answers, you have to write them!  It gives the post a more personal feel, and I think it’s fun to see what everyone’s handwriting looks like.  I don’t know about you, my lovelies, but in my corner of the world, the sun is shining!  Pry yourselves away from your computers this weekend and enjoy yourselves!  Have a fabulous couple of days and…




Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Farewell to a Legend


Elizabeth Taylor



liz taylor copy

Elizabeth Taylor, epic Screen Queen, passed away at the age of 79 from congestive heart failure. Her real life drama was as infamous as her enigmatic violet eyes, and she was not without more than her share of pain. Enduring eight walks down the aisle, four near death experiences, and numerous battles with pills and alcohol, she persevered. Today, Hollywood lost the last of its original CLASSY legends. What made Liz (a media dubbed nickname that she despised) so unforgettable was that no matter how much pain she was going through, no matter how much heartache she was enduring, she always made it a priority to look her very best. She was always immaculately dressed and adorned in jewels, which she collected with the frequency as one collects stamps. Despite all of her struggles, her poise never faltered. She was able to hold it together and project a glamorous public image, and that is what makes a true lady. In this day and age, we just don’t see that kind of poise anymore. My heart is saddened as I bid farewell to a true legend, the last of the Original Hollywood Greats. Rest in peace, Elizabeth Taylor. Your loyalty to your friends and loving heart was as rare as your beautiful eyes. You will be missed, but through your legacy, you are immortal.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Trend Alert



Orange Appeal


Orange Appeal copy


Making its debut in the Spring RTW collections of Prada, Jil Sander, and J Mendel (to name a few), the movement I have lovingly dubbed as “Orange Appeal,” is taking the street scene by storm in what is surely going to become a fashion epidemic this Spring Season. Whether it’s tights, clutches, skirts, or even lipstick, if you don’t have Orange Appeal this spring, you are missing out! I don’t know about you, my fierce fashion followers, but I LOVE to stand out, and I LOVE color, so you can bet your stilettos that I will be sporting orange on multiple occasions in the coming months! Have fun strutting this deliciously bold trend. I know I will!


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Going Green



Hello Green Eye shadow, I Adore You!


Picture 11 copy

The weekend has officially arrived, my fierce fashion followers, so please excuse my half-hearted post.  You are now gazing at how I kicked off tonight’s St. Patty’s Day celebration: Green eye shadow, of course!  I must confess, I do not reserve this look for only once a year.  In fact, I can be spotted quite often sporting all shades of green on my lids; however, what better time to go green than in honor of St. Patty’s?  Enjoy your weekend, my beautiful friends, and as always…


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Fit For a Queen


Kate Middleton’s Name Literally Pays Off




According to, this “barely there” frock sold for a whopping 78,000 Gbp ($125,871) at auction! Why would this extreme ensemble lure in so much loot? Well, my fierce fashion followers, that is because it briefly graced the body of the already iconic, soon to be Princess! Once upon a time, way before a royal engagement, let alone DATE, Kate sported this over black underwear for a charity runway show. Not long after, her and Wills started dating. It is speculated that the sight of Kate in this dress enamored our charming Prince so much, that he had to get a date and alas, was the start of a new dynasty. Whether this tale has any merit, we’ll never know, but it does add personality to the racy dress.

The bidder is said to have been very pleased with his purchase, as he considers it a piece of history. The designer, Charlotte Todd (who is no longer a designer), expressed utter shock. She never dreamed it would have sold for such an amount. Goes to show you much fame is worth!

A hopeful bidder expressed her desire for the dress because Kate “was the quintessential good girl who used bad girl secrets to catch her prince.” Personally, I think it was a matter of being in the RIGHT DRESS at the RIGHT TIME.


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

What I’m Wearing


Beads and Lace


Hello, my fierce fashion followers!  I decided to go “trendy/chic” for a friend’s birthday dinner.  I styled my hair in the sleek, high bun that I am sooo found of, and did my makeup in a metallic, bronzy style.  I threw on a lace top (that I found on sale for $6) and added this amazing black-beaded necklace that I am in love with right now.  It really adds class to almost any outfit.  Then, I added MC Hammer pants that are currently my new addiction, and paired it with black ankle boots.  Hope you approve!


001 copy

 007 copy

 005 copy

011 copy

 006 copy


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My First Blogger Award!




Take a look, my fierce fashion followers!  I received my first blogger award!  When I first started this blog, there were so many times when I thought, “is anyone reading this?  Does anyone know my blog exists?”  Then, little by little, I started accumulating followers, and low and behold…..I got official recognition from Fash-uh-nee-stah!  Thank you so much, Roxy Heart.  It means the world to know that my blood, sweat, and tears *exaggeration* are noticed!  I also want to give a big SHOUT OUT to all my fierce fashion followers.  Your thoughtful comments brighten up my day.  I get such pleasure from getting a small glimpse into your worlds and feel so touched when you take the time to leave a little love in mine.

Those who receive the award are supposed to link the person who awarded it to them and then award it to seven other bloggers.

Seven Facts About Yours Truly:


1.  I was on the red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007.

2.  My husband proposed after two weeks and we eloped to Scotland 2 months later.

3.  I’m ADDICTED to natural popcorn drizzled with Texas Pete hot sauce.

4.  I do the maintenance on my vehicle myself.

5.  I am a vegan.

6.  I’ve met the royal family.

7.  My mom is my best friend.


And the winners are…

Melody In Wonderland

Corals + Cognacs

Cocobella Ballerina

Style Nirvana

Tabatha’s Refugium


Anya Adores


I LOVE your blogs and how your personalities shine through every post.  Keep up the

good work, and…


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What I’m Wearing


Wardrobe Inspiration



Hello to all my fierce fashion followers!  Some of you may recognize this picture from a recent “streetstyle” post.  What really struck me about this picture is this woman’s ability to look so “effortlessly beautiful.”  She’s not donning a ball gown or couture.  Nor is she wearing meticulously applied makeup.  For one, she’s in SNEAKERS, and her hair is in a simple ponytail with shades, yet she still manages to look STUNNING.  Maybe it is her bone structure which just so happens to resemble a Greek Goddess.  All I know is that she is proof that you do not have to adorn yourself with the “latest and greatest” to stand out.  I used this picture as my inspiration for Saturday’s look.

I fashioned my hair in a purposely messy “doorknob” bun and kept my makeup light for a casual, laidback look.  I added some edge by wearing a leather jacket, side-buckle ankle boots, and hipster belt.  Now, for the piece de resistance….STUNNA SHADES!  These 80’s shades make anyone look cool, and is the “cherry” on top of any outfit!  I am really glad these are back in style and I hope they stick around for awhile.  I hope I was able to re-create some of the energy of this picture.


009 copy

 002 copy

 012 copy

 010 copy


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Versace 2011 Spring Collection


Abbey Lee


Fashion icon and supermodel extraordinaire Abbey Lee Kershaw modeled a stunning array of gowns for Versace’s 2011 Spring collection.  Adorned in 13 intricate creations ranging from crystals to chiffon, Abbey’s fair-skinned features added a statuesque quality that mixed beautifully against the rich boldness of the gowns.  This year’s Spring collection is truly a work of art.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Enjoy the eye candy, my fierce fashion followers…










Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Friday, 11 March 2011

What I’m Wearing



Casual Friday!


Happy Friday to all my fierce fashion followers!  Today, I decided to take a break from living life in the Fab Lane, and embrace the laziness of the weekend.  What better way to start the weekend right than with my favorite casual outfit?  My idea of comfort is: A Hollister hoodie, American Eagle jeans, and my Uggs.  Have a fabulous weekend, my lovelies…


001 copy

 003 copy

 005 copy

 008 copy


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Paris Fall Fashion Week 2011


Fashionably Fierce


Hello, my fierce fashion followers! Check out what fashion’s finest are wearing to Paris Fashion Week…


hbz-paris-fw11-3_4_11-18-de hbz-paris-street-style-3_01-001-de

Give any conservative piece an edge with pleather and lace stockings. Loves it!

I love EVERYTHING, but my faves are those fabulous opera gloves and her gloriously blue trench. Fabulous!


hbz-paris-street-style-3_01-005-de hbz-paris-street-style-3_09_002-de

Dressed to impress in a spectacular fur and killer heels.  I wish I could see the detail on her top.

Leather pants is the solution to any outfit dilemma. This black blazer and heels make this a trendy chic ensemble.


hbz-paris-street-style-3_09_013-de hbz-paris-street-style-3_08005-de

This girl is definitely “in the know.”  Wide-brim hats and palazzo pants are going to be HUGE this Spring.

Femininity with edge: Her flowy  skirt contrasts beautifully with her leather jacket. 


hbz-paris-street-style-3_08006-de hbz-paris-street-style-3_08014-de


Fashionably Fabulous in leather gloves, Balenciaga, and a Celine clutch! Sheer perfection.

Visual confirmation that, when paired with the right pieces, tennis shoes can be trendy and fab.


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What I’m Wearing



My Boyfriend’s Closet


Hello, my fierce fashion followers!  Today’s look was inspired by all the fierce single gals who find themselves in a jam the next morning when an impromptu all-night rendezvous turns into, “EEK! What the eff am I going to wear?!”  So, I dipped into my husband’s closet.  Yes, technically this should have been entitled “My Husband’s Closet,” but it didn’t have the right ring to it.  First of all, keep at least one pair of leggings at your boyfriend’s place.  They are a staple and should be readily available ANYWHERE.  Then, put on one of his collared shirts.  Secure it with a belt, and VOILA!  Instant edgy outfit.  And if your man’s a metrosexual—BONUS!  Throw on a hat.  Since my husband is my exact opposite, the only hats in his closet are trucker hats with slogans like, “Bringin out the big guns: NRA,” and “Save a horse, ride a tractor,”  I had to purchase mine from the men’s department.  Oh well, gotta make it work, right? Have fabulous night!



002 copy

 012 copy

 003 copy

Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What I’m Wearing


American Apparel Unisex Circle Scarf

Look #2


Good day to you, my fierce fashion followers!  If you haven’t purchased an American Apparel Unisex Circle Scarf, you need to do so immediately!  I promise it will become one of the most versatile pieces in your closet.  There are so many different ways to wear it that you are actually buying 10 different looks for the price of one.  Can you think of a better way to spend $28?  I think not.


025 copy

006 copy



Stay Fashionably Fabulous!