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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Red Carpet Drama


Get the Frock Outta Here!


It’s been done time and time again: An unsuspecting celebrity chooses what is bound to be the next textile masterpiece, only to become the butt of endless jokes and the newest victim of media mockery.  While I, like most tabloid junkies, find it all thoroughly amusing, I can’t help but wonder, “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?”  Obviously, there are the celebs who go by the “bad press is still good press” rule, and don’t mind all the trash talk because, after all, it is still TALK.  But, what about the other fashion-deficient celebrities, like Gabourey Sidibe?  How could she not have known that cheetah monstrosity she wore to the Golden Globes was fashion suicide?  I guess they never know until they make their fateful stroll down the red carpet.  The Oscar red carpet is often referred to as the “most famous runway in the world.”  In light of this year’s Oscars, I decided to post some memorable and still talked about dresses from Red Carpet’s Past… 



Jennifer Lopez in Versace at The Grammys in 2000

Jlo left little to the imagination and caused quite a stir when she sashayed down the red carpet in Versace’s “Jungle Dress.” 




Cher wears Bob Mackie to The Oscars in 1998

Cher put this semi-nude disaster, along with it’s basket hat, up for sale in 2006.  Why she held on to it that long will remain a mystery.



Bjork wears Marjan Peroski to 2001 Oscars

10 years later, we’re still scratching our heads and asking “Why, Bjork?  Why?”




Macy Gray Brings Ugly Back to the VMA’s in 2001

If I was going to promote my album release date, I certainly wouldn’t use a house dress and a hideous looking shower cap.  Just sayin.


mtv vma press room 2 120910

Lady Gaga’s Infamous Meat Dress at The VMAS 2010

Aside from the fact that she is wearing animal carcass, I have to give designer Franc Fernandez his due.  It took a lot of skill to mold the meat to her body like that.  Later, in an interview, she said her message was to tell the world that she is not “a piece of meat.”

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So tell me, my fierce fashion followers…Which one of these made you want to yell “GET THE FROCK OUTTA HERE?”


Stay Fashionably Fabulous!


  1. Yea...these were some pretty crazy looks XD There weren't many horrible ones last night though...I was a bit sad :p

  2. Those crazy outfits are so funny! Gaga is the winner though!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  3. crazy look! versace green dress is amazing!


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