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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Christian Louboutin vs. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent: Designer Extraordinaire…and Sole Snatcher?

cl_ysl copy
The lawsuit heard around the fashion world is in full force.  With an array of red-soled YSL pumps in hand, lawyer David Bernstein went straight for the jugular, claiming he held the definitive proof that YSL came out with red-soled shoes wayyy before 2008 when Louboutin claimed it as his trademark.  Bernstein also managed to invoke a few chuckles from the audience when mentioning Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz wearing red-soled shoes. 
Who should come out on top, the legendary Yves Saint Laurent, with his previous record of red-soled shoes from stiletto past or Christain Louboutin, the “sex in a stiletto” designer who made red soles the “sole” of his creations?  Stay tuned and…

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Something Borrowed


Gaga Goes Gaga Over Fashion Student’s Design


b4gaga       gaga

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When aspiring designer Rebecca Short submitted her creation for her University’s Graduate Fashion Week, the last place she thought it would end up was on Lady Gaga!  Gaga’s stylist happened to be at the show and requested a few different outfits, including Miss Short’s.  Rebecca granted her request, figuring that the chances of her dress ending up on the infamous Gaga were slim to none.  In her case, it’s good to be wrong! Gaga “grand entranced”  her design (and hairdo) at a press release in Singapore.  A very thrilled Rebecca Short remarked, “She had styled it completely different from how I had done it.”  Would we expect anything less?


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Monday, 15 August 2011

The Object of my Obsession


Best in Shoe

“Where the excellence in made to measure shoes becomes art.”

Walter Steiger

Feast yourselves on this eye candy, my fierce fashion followers!  Behold the shoe genius of….*drum roll* Walter Steiger!  A Swiss national whose designs could only be found in his privately owned shops, have now made their way across the pond!  That’s right, my American fashionistas, the days of trekking to Europe for the infamous “Steiger Heel” are over!  If you happen to be in the Manhattan area, I strongly suggest making your way to Barneys IMMEDIATELY!  I don’t have to be psychic to predict that these heavenly heels won’t last long. Gazing upon these beauties was love and first sight and the new objects of my obsession.  So, tell me, my fierce fashion followers: What is the latest object of your obsession?


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Friday, 12 August 2011

All Grown Up


Frances Bean Cobain


fbcobain copy

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Aside from the sporadic pictures we’ve seen throughout her childhood/adolescence, Frances Bean Cobain has pretty much kept herself under the radar.  With a face as gorgeous as this, I can’t imagine why!  Her debuting pictorial, shot by world renown Heidi Slimane, depicts a sexy, edgy woman who has come into her own!  With eyes as intense as her father’s and lips as pouty as her mother’s, Frances Bean has left the fashion “powers- that-be” salivating for more!  Will Frances Bean be the industry’s newest “It” girl?  Stay turned and…

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

McQueen Reigns Over NYC


McQueen Reigns Over NYC


Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit has now drawn to an end, and what an epic 3 months it was.  Not only was it the number 1 exhibit for the Costume Institute, it was the eighth most popular exhibition since the opening of the Met 141 years ago!  For the lucky 661,509 people who visited, they once again got to immerse themselves in the raw, mystical, sexy, and dark world of Alexander McQueen, a gifted visionary who was not afraid to push the boundaries of art and fashion.  In no particular order, here are my 6 favorite pieces from his collections.  Narrowing it down to 6 was a very tasking job, but I managed to do it!


am1 am4

Spring/Summer 2001

Ostrich feathers and glass medical slides painted red.

Autumn/Winter 2006-2007

Silk and tulle with resin antlers.

am6 am2

Spring/Summer 2001

Razor clam shells

Autumn/Winter 2009-2010

Black duck feathers

am5 am3

Autumn/Winter 2006-2007

Pheasant feathers

Spring/Summer 2003

Silk organza, georgette, and chiffon

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Alexander McQueen’s time on earth was a grain of sand on the surface of time, but his impact will carry us for years to come.  He will be greatly missed, and I don’t think we’ll never be able to gaze upon the latest Haute Couture creations without wondering what his latest vision would have been. He was an artist with a unique outlook on beauty.  It is hard to lose some of the world’s best talent.  When it comes to coming to terms with death, no one puts it better than Alexander McQueen himself:

“It is important to look at death because it is a part of life. It is a sad thing, melancholy but romantic at the same time. It is the end of a cycle—everything has to end. The cycle of life is positive because it gives room for new things.”


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Saturday, 6 August 2011

How Young is too Young?


Drawing the Line: How Young is too Young?




Such seduction; appealing allure; enticingly enigmatic.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Oh yeah…she’s 10-YEARS-OLD!  The recent pictorial spread of Thylane Lena-Rose in French Vogue has ignited the latest hell-fire in the fashion industry.  Thylane, decked in stilettos and sultry pose, has caused outrage in all media outlets and spawned accusations of exploitation and “child sexualization (” 

In order to consider this from all points of view, I must play the devil’s advocate: Possibly, with the industry’s unwavering standards getting slimmer and slimmer (literally), resulting in new weight regulations, it seems only natural for the industry to turn to the next best alternative: children.  Most runway models weigh almost as much as a child anyway, so why not?

On the other hand, Europe has always been the leading forefront on the fashion horizon.  Without France, we never would have been gifted the genius of Coco Chanel.  She revolutionized the way women everywhere wore clothing and changed the core of fashion forever.  Paris is the beating heart of this industry, and every year, people from all over the world flock to see what they will be wearing next season; however, is there a boundary, and if so, where do spectators draw the line?  With some of the faces gracing designer labels as young as 13-years-old (, could this be the start of a new era?  Will 10 be the new 20 and 20 be the new 40?  Could the saying “gone with the old and in with the new” be replaced by “gone with the young and in with the younger?” 

NBC’s headlines were splashed with Thylane’s pictures, with some American’s refering to them as child pornography.  Is this any worse than an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras with children around Thylane’s age and younger, parading around with fake tans, an entire M.A.C. cosmetic line on their faces, and costumes reminiscent of a Burlesque show?

Despite the controversy, there are a lot of people in support or indifferent to the pictures depicted in French Vogue, and she has the Facebook following to prove it.  Age aside,   beauty is beauty, and requires no specific age. 

In spite of negative regard or the different view points I have written, the most important thing remains uncertain: What kind of psychological effect will this have on her as she blossoms into adulthood?  Many models before her have told their stories of psychological ramification the industry impacted on them. Can she handle it at such an impressionable age?  After all, these are the most critical years that will mold her into the woman she will become. In a superficial society such as ours,where looks are so scrutinized, the never-ending strive for beauty can be a lot for any adult to handle.  Even more so if your job depends on it.  Our lifestyles and ideas have completely evolved into a way of life that was completely different from my childhood/adolescence.  I think it is safe to say that children and adolescents have evolved with the times.  Maybe our society has bred her to be unscathed?  Only time will tell.  So tell me, my fierce fashion followers: What do you have to say about our 10-year-old pictorial debutante?  Until next time….


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