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Friday, 25 February 2011

London Fashion Week 2011

London Street Fashion


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Neutral shades and a fur vest make this a classically chic ensemble.  Simple?  Yes.  Boring?  NEVER!

Wide-leg trousers and an oversized blazer, paired with chunky shoes gives a masculine, yet FIERCE femme look.

hbz-london-street-style-001-de hbz-london-street-style-005-de
My cardinal rule: Better to be under-dressed than OVER-dressed.  You can never go wrong with skinny jeans and heels. Tight leather pants and a faux fur jacket—Two of this season’s MUST HAVES.  Her slouchy demeanor gives her extra cool points!


This girl is definitely “in the know.” Long skirts, layers, and clogs are expected to be HUGE next season. Preppy girl with an edge: Brushed gold sweater and a chestnut handbag topped with a black leather skirt would make any girl the envy of her sorority.
redhead-streetstyle-largecos hbz-london-street-style-010-de-40466022
A casual outfit of leggings and a shirt made fierce with ankle boots, a leather jacket, and a handbag. Skinny black pants and a leather accented trench makes this outfit chic, with subtle edge.

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Stay Fashionably Fabulous!


  1. LOVE all the looks you featured! I wish I could look like that every day, haha

  2. How gorgeous are these ladies? They have great sense of style too, I loved all of these outfits. My favorite is the girl with the faux fur jacket.
    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, I would be thrilled if we follow each other.

  3. hi dear:)sure we can follow each other!
    i like so much Olivia Palermo style..great post!
    i wait you to follow on my blog i'll do the same:)

  4. Thanks for your comment,sure I'll follow you.
    Now following follow back XOXO

    I love your blog! I wanna visit London!

  5. I love love love the leather pants with the fur coat. And how gorgeous is that red hair girl? I freaking love all of these looks.
    And thanks for your comment, I wish I was in London to see all the beautiful streetstyle.
    I follow you, follow me :)

  6. all outfits are amazing, especially the last two and those ankle boots is what i am looking for!
    London's really capital of fashion, let me say it!

    your blog is very ispiring, we could actually follow each other! am a follower now :)

  7. Great blog you have here! thanks for you lovely comments.

    Now following you, follow me back if you wissh.



  8. I love the faux fur, leather pants outfit, it's stunning :-)

  9. Olivia Palmero has been ALL over fashion week in NYC and London. Not gonna lie, though, I've loved her look every time!

    Loving all of these neutral-on-nuetral looks. Boots and (faux) fur make winter worthwhile. :)

    xx - Hallie

  10. Thank you :-) The Kat von D lipstick is different from all the other reds I have (& I have lots *lol*), if you can find it, you should really give it a try. It lasts well, too.


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