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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

London Fashion Week 2011

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011 Collection

Designer Christopher Bailey made it very obvious as to what was the showcase of this Fall’s collection: COATS!  Displaying a stunning array of military, fur, and trench styles, each piece was the center of each look, paired with black tights or skinny trousers, and accented with a belt, which added polish and completion.  Every outfit was wearable and there is something in this collection to satisfy everyone’s taste.  Christopher Bailey’s 2011 Fall collection was a fashion triumph, and a wonderful way to mark 10th year with Burberry Prorsum!  Here are a few tantalizing images from his collection…


hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry002-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry006-de


hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry003-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry009-de


hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry013-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry017-de
hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry018-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry019-de
hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry025-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry029-de
hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry030-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry032-de
hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry033-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry035-de
hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry036-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry039-de
hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry040-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry041-de
hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry045-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry046-de
hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry047-de hbz-london-fashion-week-burberry048-de


The message from this collection screams loud and clear: Do not plan your outfit and throw on a coat, plan your outfit AROUND your coat!  Outerwear is no longer something just to keep you warm.  It is an integral part of the outfit and should be chosen with the utmost style and flair.

What do you think of Burberry’s Fall collection, my fierce fashion followers?

Stay Fashionably Fabulous!


  1. I am a HUGE fan. Love those coats!

    amateur couture

  2. I feel the same, scarves are wonderful, like that.
    ohh blogger meet are something great, you met many people with the same passion and all swiss bloggers are so great and I like them all. I hope one day you will also take part in one, it's great thing.
    love mari.

  3. hi! thanks so much for visiting me! i love the black pumps too.. they're actually really comfortable :)

    i'm following you now.. would love for you to follow me too!

  4. hi hello, thanks for your lovely comment..of course, i'm following you now..follow me back if you don't mind, cheer yaa :):)

  5. LOVE this collection! And that's a good tip - the outerwear has to be planned into the outfit too! I have a bad habit of just throwing on a jacket. Great blog! Will be following and would love if you did too!

  6. Usually I'm not a big Burberry fan, but I'm loving their fall collection!

    Following you. Please follow back!


  7. Those white coats are all amazing! Love following each other, you have a great blog! xoxo

  8. Amazing blog!!!;) what do you think about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3 <3 <3

  9. Thank you! That's so great to hear haha! Yeah, well.. Carnaval is a real over-dressed party haha! So maybe you have some advise? xoxo

  10. of course, i like your blog, i follow you, follow me back:)

  11. nice collection and nice blog :)
    of course we can follow each other
    now, i'll be following u and i hope u'll be follow me back

  12. I'll always be a bag girl first and haven't ever really ventured out into designer clothing. Wow, are these garments gorgeous! I'm really loving the stone-colored trench. One day... :)

  13. Very cool, I had no idea it was his 10-year anniversary with Burberry Prorsum. One of my favorite haute collections on the runway for fall 2011 - OBSESSED with these boldly-colored coats!


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