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Thursday, 20 January 2011


Crimes of Fashion

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It happens everyday all over the world.  You or someone you know may have been a guilty culprit.  For the unfortunate few, it comes back to haunt them in their dreams.  Yes, my fierce fashion followers; If you can relate, then you may have fallen victim to CRIMES OF FASHION!  I’ve taken a few of the mishaps that I’ve had the unfortunate experience of bearing witness to, and laid them out on a nice, tidy post.  Hopefully, with my courage to step forward, I can help prevent further occurrences.
5. Pigtails on Women
Loose pigtails are perfectly acceptable on adult females. But the style of pigtails pictured above?  It's best left to the little ones.
                                                                    4.  Full Moon
Low-Rise jeans have been the rage for a number of years now, and more than enough time has passed for women to become aware of how far their jeans dip when they squat!  Word of advice: If you need to dip down, don’t squat.  Get down on one knee.
                                                          3.  Excessively Small Clothing
There are myriad styles to suit every body type and budget, so there really is no reason why someone should have to wear something that is too small.  Word of advice: If it feels like it is riding up—It probably is.
                                                           2  Wearing Pajamas in Public
This, I am sad to report—is an American trend.  If you spend enough time in rural America, I guarantee, sooner or later you will spot someone shopping in their pajama bottoms.  YES, I have been guilty of doing this; However, that was years ago and I have since put those days behind me.  Here is what I learned: If you have enough time to get in the car to go somewhere, you have enough time to put on a proper pair of trousers!
                                                       1. Wearing Tennis Shoes and Jeans

Once again, this is an American thing, and can always spot one of my own in a foreign city.  Why?  Because they're the only ones wearing tennis shoes with their jeans!  Here is something the rest of the world understands: Tennis shoes are to be worn only for exercise or if you work at a place where your job requires them!

***Note: It is not my intention to offend or hurt anyone's feelings with this post.
I am merely writing about things I have seen that have gotten on my nerves, hopefully,
in a way that is entertaining to my readers.--That's all.
Stay Fashionably Fabulous!


  1. Oh my gosh. The people from Wal-Mart photos are too funny. What on heck are those people thinking.


  2. The wearing pajamas in public thing has always irked me. :P

  3. ahah I love this post! I follow!!!


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