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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Best and Worst of The 2011 Golden Globes


Good day to all my fierce fashion followers!  As we all know, the red carpet can be a harsh, unforgiving place adorned with the best designers have to offer.  It can either make you or break you.  That being said, here is what I thought were the three best and worst of this year’s Golden Globes. 

3.68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Arrivals XZYAyV3kYpJl        2.68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Arrivals 88uOA9ZIJ2Ul
Claire Danes was the definition of elegance in a Calvin Klein halter gown.  Accessorized with nothing more than a gold cuff and a pair of earrings, it completed her look of simple, savvy sophistication. I raise my glass to you, Claire.  You’ve come a long way since your “My So-Called Life” days.
Sandra Bullock celebrated her ongoing post divorce comeback in a sheer, delicately sequined Jenny Packham gown.  It drapes beautifully and came very close to making my number one look.  Her blunt bangs and smokey eyes compliment her outfit beautifully.  Bravo, Sandy!  Show that Jesse James what he’s missing!

And the winner is…

Anne Hathaway displayed her flawless taste in an Armani Prive gown that is nothing short of AMAZING.  The severity of the neckline is in perfect contrast with a plunging back. This gown is beautiful—flawless, and is the cherry on top of her transformation from Disney Debutante to  Saucy Screen Siren.

The Worst…

3.Mila-Kunis-Dress-Golden-Globes-2011     2.68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Arrivals V7IJWwazPHcl
Mila Kunis is a walking catastrophe in a dress so limp and dowdy, there is nothing  left but to conclude that she had no other choice but to use her Grandmother’s living room curtains.  Her gown looks heavy and gathers in all the wrong places, and the color is as bleak as her expression.  C’mon Mila, you’re better than this.There is nothing “precious” about Gabourey Sidibe in this purple monstrosity.  It looks like it was fished out of a Charlotte Russe discount rack.  After this disaster, I think she needs to seriously consider firing her stylist.

The Best of The Worst…

68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Arrivals h9RLuox3g8Pl

Christina Aguilera plunges further down the A-List in what I am assuming is her attempt to be sexy.  Her dress is so unflattering that it seems as if it was specifically designed to widen her hips.  She has a great figure, but you wouldn’t know it underneath this mermaid ensemble.  The only light in this situation is that she could have possibly got her dates mixed up and thought she was on her way to a Moulin Rouge reunion. 

Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

***Photographs provided by Style Bistro***


  1. I ADORE Sandy's gown!
    It's beautiful!
    I adore your blog, so cute, and it's created by a good old Brit!
    I love this post it's great, the dresses are amazing, except that fashion no-no, by Gabourey Sidibe, that was just bad...
    How about we follow each other?

  2. i loved sandra's bangs. wonder why everyone else i've talked too didn't. my favorite trend was the emerald green dresses. lovely!

    amateur couture

  3. Loven your blog Theresa. I so loved Sandy's dress, it was so elegant and so her. I thought it was funny when you said "Charlotte Russe discount rack." It's so true though. That is definitely fashion suicide.

  4. Anne Hathaway was my first choice for best dressed. She looked like perfection!

  5. I love Anne Hathaway's dress and her of course...and I agree with you on Mila's dress the color is so drab.

  6. Anne Hathaway did look gorgeous; though I was still partial to Olivia Wilde myself - her dress was AMAZING!! :)

  7. I'm a new follower on Bloglovin.I hope that become my follower too!

  8. Anne Hathaway was everybody's favorite! I, personally, prefer Catherine Zeta-Jones' dress.


    P.s.: Thanks for commenting on my blog. I follow you via Google Friend Connect.


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