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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Your Divine Animal Instinct

Animal prints are the latest to hit the ever-evolving fashion movement, and its impact can be viewed in all the High Street stores.  Who or what is responsible for this saucy trend?  Maybe it is Tom Ford, who, after a 6 year retirement, launched his 70’s inspired collection that had everyone thinking that he never really retired at all.  Or it could be that after spending many years on the Gaudy list, it was just...Well, it was just TIME.  Either way, I am welcoming animal prints back with open arms!
A silk, zebra print scarf tied around your neck is the perfect accessory to accompany that “ungodly bright” cashmere sweater hanging in the “don’t want to wear but don’t want to toss” section of your closet that you thought would NEVER go with anything.
 For all my fashion followers who are subtly chic, slip into some open-toe leopard pumps paired with black skinny trousers.  It’s perfect for giving off the “sexy” vibe without having to display a plunging neckline.  And as always, whenever in doubt, let it hang—off your wrist.  You can never go wrong in encompassing the hottest textile trend in the form of a handbag.  Coach came out with the most adorable Madison ocelot print Maggie bag, and at only $298.00, how can you resist?  Let your inner-animal shine and adorn yourself with one of these fun and flirty prints.  Whether it be leopard, zebra, or even giraffe—you’ll be sure to turn some heads.

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