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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Jil Sander Brown Bag" Special." Is it Special?

For every fashion enthusiast lies an equally exacerbated critic, forever accusing our industry's finest of slapping a fancy name on a mediocre product and charging an astronomical price, all in the name of "fashion." All I can say is, oh boy, are they going to have a field day with this latest fashion debut!

Jil Sander (one of my most favorite designers) has escalated the latest and greatest in designer accessories to a whole new level by throwing out the time honored tradition of conventional handbags and going with...well, an actual paper BAG.  Behold *drum roll* the Vasari bag!  The days of brown  paper bags being reserved for the exclusive use of elementary youngsters are no more! Why?  Because Jil Sanders said so!   Move aside, school aged children.  Fashionistas will take it from here.

What makes Jil Sander's paper sack more special than any lunch bag found in any supermarket?  Wax-coated paper and reinforced seams, that's what!  And, for a whooping 185gbp, this embellished sack can be all yours!   While I don't see myself rushing to buy one of these Jil Sanders creations any time soon, I am in a rush to find out who will!  Tell me, my fierce fashionistas, will you?

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  1. ohh i don´t really like that looks weird :D

  2. i like the bag,something different


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