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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Summer Stylin

Hello, my lovelies!  As many of my UK fashionistas know, the sun has not been kind to England for most of this season.  In fact, it started to feel like a fleeting image I once imagined.  Just when I was going to throw in the towel (or shall say, "duds)--lo and behold!  Summer arrived, and just in time for the Olympics.  Maybe it was the Greek gods, I don't know.  All I care about is FINALLY not having to wear a sweater, and most importantly, I get to wear my fashionably delicious outfits that have been sadly hanging in my closet wayyy longer than they should have.  What better way to kick off the late season than with neons and stripes?  It's all about color.  Now, if only I can get some on my legs...Til next time....

                                     Stay Fashionably Fabulous!

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