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Friday, 24 June 2011

Oops…she did it again!



Going Down (hill) in Style



That’s right, my fierce fashion followers: Lindsay Lohan landed herself back in court AGAIN!  This time for failing an alcohol test.  Oh Lindsay…don’t you ever learn?  I so wanted go back to loving you during your “Mean Girls” days.  LiLo may have lost her sense of right and wrong, sense of morality, and lets not forget her sense of MIND, but thank GAWD she did not lose her sense of FASHION!  She ditched her “cleavaged” courtroom past for a more conservative, “please-don’t-throw-me-in-jail” look and rocked it with flashy aviators, a Chanel handbag, and Balenciaga heels (  Now, if only she can apply her conservative fashion selections to her decision making…stay tuned, and stay


Fashionably Fabulous!


  1. oh gosh, she is such a hot mess! glad she re-thought the court room attire and went more professional this go around.

  2. Oh my I dont have any idea how could she mess around like anyone cares 0___0

  3. Hi Theresa! Thank you for such a sweet comment <3 cant wait for the next updates ;)

  4. How did you know it was Chanel handbag? lol
    Anywayz, Its Lindsay. I always expect her to be in court somewhere. I'm surprised I did not see her at the courthouse I was in today.


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