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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Farewell to a Legend


Elizabeth Taylor



liz taylor copy

Elizabeth Taylor, epic Screen Queen, passed away at the age of 79 from congestive heart failure. Her real life drama was as infamous as her enigmatic violet eyes, and she was not without more than her share of pain. Enduring eight walks down the aisle, four near death experiences, and numerous battles with pills and alcohol, she persevered. Today, Hollywood lost the last of its original CLASSY legends. What made Liz (a media dubbed nickname that she despised) so unforgettable was that no matter how much pain she was going through, no matter how much heartache she was enduring, she always made it a priority to look her very best. She was always immaculately dressed and adorned in jewels, which she collected with the frequency as one collects stamps. Despite all of her struggles, her poise never faltered. She was able to hold it together and project a glamorous public image, and that is what makes a true lady. In this day and age, we just don’t see that kind of poise anymore. My heart is saddened as I bid farewell to a true legend, the last of the Original Hollywood Greats. Rest in peace, Elizabeth Taylor. Your loyalty to your friends and loving heart was as rare as your beautiful eyes. You will be missed, but through your legacy, you are immortal.


  1. she'll be greatly missed! for now, she's with the great MJ!

  2. She was so beautiful and great...May she rest in peace

  3. She was so lovely. Thanks for doing this for her.


  4. Elizabeth Taylor was an icon! thanks for your comments on my blog and for following me! I'm following you
    xoxo Sarah


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